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      On the morning of July 13, the member of the party group and deputy director of the lixin county market oversight authority. Secretary for market regulation, lu qing; He tao, deputy director of the market regulation bureau; Zhu chunyu, a member of the quality unit, visited our company to check and guide the company, and identified the company as anhui province 2015-2016.

      In recent years, the company continuously carry forward the "guard contract, heavy reputation" good tradition, and continuously explore, operation and gradually establish and improve a set of suitable for the market rules and industry characteristics, enterprise contract management mechanism, strengthen the management of the contract, the performance of the contract, to ensure that the economic benefits and social benefits of double harvest, won a wide recognition from all sectors of society, to enhance the public awareness of "rich" brand, enhance the brand awareness, set up the rich and the gauze company good social image.

      In 2010, it was awarded the credit unit of the county to abide by the contract

                        From left: he tao, wang zan, zhu yajun, lu qing, zhu chunyu .