Lixin County of Anhui province has been identified as mesh screen professional brand bases

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 Recently, the leading group brand strategy work published 2016 annual professional brand bases list in Anhui Province, Lixin county has been identified as the province of mesh screen professional brand bases, this Bozhou professional brand bases to 3, Lixin County professional brand bases to achieve a breakthrough.

The afternoon of March 23rd, Lixin county Party Secretary, director of market supervision administration of Fan Liguang Award for mesh screen trademark brand bases in Lixin Fuya gauze Co. ltd..
Professional brand bases refers to the county (city, district), township (town) or the administrative area of various industrial parks, industrial characteristics, high degree of industrial concentration, similar or related products (services) professional trademark industry is rich in resources, regional brand effect obvious agglomeration. At present, Lixin industrial mesh screen has 120 kinds of enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households more than 800 households have been formed, processing, sales, research and development as one of the professional base. The annual output value of the mesh screen and related industry was 3 billion 230 million yuan, product sales throughout the country more than and 30 provinces and cities and exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and other more than and 50 countries and regions.