Rich card magnetic soft screen door once again that the famous brand in Anhui Province

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 The afternoon of March 22nd, Lixin county market supervision and management bureau party secretary Comrade Fan Liguang, "the plaque and certificate of Anhui province famous trademark" again to Lixin Fuya gauze Co. ltd..

Director Fan Liguang personally for the enterprise award, congratulations to our company won the Anhui famous trademark again, also reminds us of enterprises, to further establish the concept of brand building, brand business road, is committed to continuously improve product quality, improve customer service service, further optimization of enterprise management and rich enterprise culture connotation, expand the brand effect. Let the famous trademark brand louder and more bright, let the industry bigger and stronger.
The general manager of the company Mr. Zhu Yajun on leadership for on-site guidance and market supervision and management departments for a long time awarding businesses support and help grateful. Rich brand won the Anhui province again, our company will create the above in brand strategy and brand, innovation and development mode, improve the enterprise trademark management system, strengthen trademark protection, improve brand management, and constantly improve the independent brand product quality and service level, promote technological progress through continuous innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.